Have you visited a Kohls recently? Have you shared your views through Kohls Customer Satisfaction Survey? Do you know you can win the gift card worth $1000 or you can get a 10% OFF coupon code by participating in the survey? Yes, I guess you don’t even have the idea that it exists? But yeah, it does. In this article, we will update you on information about survey details and instructions. Read on.

The Kohls conducts the survey to know about customers satisfaction and experience. For that, they ask the customers in the form of a survey. By making the customers satisfied the company can thrive towards development. The objective of conducting these researches is to know the customer’s satisfaction level. So that the company can improve product quality and service offerings.

Kohlslistens Survey Guide:

  • Kohls Customer Satisfaction Survey is motorized by InMoment Inc.
  • One can participate in this survey by visiting its official survey site i.e. at Kohlslistens.com
  • This survey is conducted to know specific customers satisfaction or dissatisfaction regarding the service (Products, staff service, place) provided.
  • You can only participate in the survey within 48 hours of your visit.
  • Only the customers that visited a Kohls can participate in the survey.
  • You need to have a valid bill receipt from Kohls to take part in the survey.


  • To know the customer’s perspective with respect to clothes, staff service, cleanliness, and other factors.
  • To meet the customer’s expectations and needs. To ensure satisfaction.
  • To improve the products and service offerings.
  • To alarm the staff and workers in case anything is wrong.
  • If there is any negative review, staff members will be warned so that they don’t repeat it again.
  • To improve the quality of products and service offerings.

How To Participate In A Kohls Survey

Follow the below instructions step by step.

  • Open a browser. (Chrome, Edge, Safari or any other browser)
  • Visit the official survey site of Kohls at Kohlslistens.com or Click here.

  • Choose the language of your choice. (English and Spanish available)
  • To participate in the survey, you need to enter the store number and access code. Both will be available on your receipt.
  • Then press ‘Next’.
  • Now genuinely answer all the questions that are asked in the website, the questions are basically about your recent experience in Kohls.
  • Submit your survey.
  • Now you need to enter your personal details such as name, address.
  • Now you will receive a gift card worth $1000 or coupon code of 10% discount.
  • You can use that coupon or gift card on your next visit. Make sure you visit before the code or card expires.

About Kohls

Kohl’s is an American department store retailing chain. The first Kohl’s store was a corner grocery store opened in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1927 by Maxwell Kohl. It operates 1,155 stores in 49 states. The only state it does not operate in is Hawaii. Kohl’s is America’s largest department store chain by the number of stores and also stood as the second-largest U.S. department store company by retail sales in 2013. Kohl’s provides the amazing products that include the top brands and it also offers a discount on some products.

This article is to address the Kohls Customer Satisfaction Survey. Here we have given all the instructions to participate in the survey. Including rules and regulations, requirements and rewards. Hopefully, this article is helpful to you in knowing everything about the Kohls Customer Satisfaction Survey. Thank you for reading. Peace.


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